Dual Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Board Latest Model Outdoor Fun UK

This Dual Wheel Self Balancing electric scooter with two 350 Watt electric motors, a 4400mAh Samsung lithium battery has speeds up to 10 kmph and is the new way to travel.

Why walk when you can roll on this effortless self balancing electric scooter as it’s as easy to use as standing up. With two independently controlled 350Watt electric motors each of the two wheels on this self balancing scooter can be driven separately for great maneuverability that allows you to pivot on the spot and turn with complete ease.

The built in gyroscopes ensure that this self balancing scooter remains upright with minimal effort making it easy to master in minutes. With a 10kmph maximum speed you can cruise along at a fast jogging pace and thanks to the large 4400mAh Samsung battery you get a travel range of around 20 to 25km per charge, depending on speed and gradient of course.

Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter
Power:700W (350W x 2)
Up to 15 km/h
Max Load: 100kg
Max Mileage: About 20 to 25km
Charge Time: About 2 Hours
4400mAh Samsung Li-ion battery
Material: Stainless steel + PC
Max Mileage: About 20 to 25km, depending on driving
Max Speed: Up to 10 km/h
Max Load: 100kg
Power:700W (350W x 2)
Battery: Build in Samsung Li-ion battery (36V, 4.4 Ah)
Battery Capacity:4400mAh
Charge Time: About 2 Hours
Safe Climbing Angle: 15 Degrees
Tire: 7 Inch Non inflatable hollow tire
Waterproof Rating: IP54
Wireless remote: Power on/off calibration with remote controller
Platform Height: 11cm
Ground Height: 3cm
Light: 2 tail lamps
Non-slip foot panel
Speed Protection: Over 10 km/h will open
Power Display: three colors, green(100%-50%), yellow(50%-20%), red(below 20%)
Button: Open button


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