Kids 3 Wheels Tri Slider Scooter With Basket Winged Push Motion Drifter Speeder

Newest tri speeder scooter for kids and children
Smart in design and excellent performance
Free swing / shifting by adjusting the body weight back and forth on the pedal, and then it will swing in a beautiful ?S? line.
Three 145mm polyurethane wheels provide better stability
Easy turning , drifting and acceleration;
Front handbrake delivers better control and safety
Ideal for training and practicing on flat, smooth surfaces;
Great piece to build leg-strength, body coordination and balance, also a helpful relaxing way for the kids after school
It can be folded up for easy storage and transport
Brake system: cable and front brake bracket
Dual foot platforms improve the stability
Super sturdy heavy duty steel frame construction
Need some easy assembly
Material: Stainless steel and ABS
Max loading:80KG
Wheel Dia.: 5″ PU
Pedal Size: 11″ x 3.7″(L&W)–Anti-slip
The total length of scooter 38″
Total Height: about 39”
Handle Width: 23″


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