Black Quick Camera Neck Shoulder Strap Belt Sling for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus

New Quick Rapid Camera Single Shoulder Sling Black Belt Strap for SLR DSLR Black
Anti Slip Sling Adjustable SLR DSLR Camera Strap for Travelling Hiking Bushwalk
Quick Rapid Camera Single Shoulder Sling Belt Strap for Digital SLR DSLR Camera
High quality quick release single strap, designed for MAXIMUM COMFORT and EASE OF ACCESS to your camera.
You’ll never go back to the crappy original strap that comes with your camera once you have tried this one.


100% Brand New
CURVED SHOULDER PAD, designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder
IMPROVED HOOK for maximum durability and safety
Distributes overall weight of DSLR evenly across your shoulder
Allows you to quickly reach your camera and shoot in a pinch while the shoulder pad stays in the same position
Comes with a quick release screw which securely connects your camera and the strap
Bumper / Buckle on the strap prevents camera from swinging back
High quality nylon material, extremely durable
Adjustable length
Zippered pocket for 2 memory cards
Weight: 132g(Approx)


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