100 Large 60x60cm Puppy Trainer Training Pads Toilet Wee Super Absorbent

These Puppy Training Pads are designed to help train puppies to become toilet trained. They are absorbent and replace the need to use traditional sheets of newspaper.

Materials: Non Woven PP, Cotton Wadding
Product Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm
Weight: 120g (including packaging)
The puppy training pads are designed to encourage pets to go to the toilet in a selected spot. They are absorbent and replace the use of traditional newspapers.
Odour eliminating agents and complete with a plastic backing to protect the floor.

Product dimensions: 58cm x 58cm
Suitable for indoor use and lining of pet carriers.
Each individual pack contains 7 pieces.
The puppy training pads have an outstanding absorbency and are complete with odour eliminating agents. The pads turn blue when wet for convenience and have a plastic backing to protect flooring.

How to use:

Unfold training pad and put on floor, tissue side up
Place puppy on pad several times per day so he can smell it’s natural scent
Praise puppy after he relieves himself on pad
If puppy has an accident somewhere other than the pad, immediately place him on the pad
Dispose of pad and replace after use
Product dimensions: 60cm x 60cm.
Each individual pack contains 30 pieces.


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